Friday, May 12, 2006

Double Hockeysticks

'Offside? Offside?! You take that back or I'll strangle this giant earthworm to death ritgh here in frotn of its fucking children!'

Note to pedants: The original post was titled "You can't improve on perfection" -- I obviously can.


jak said...

"I didn't mean anything by it, Betty. Honest..."
"If you ask me one more time about my wooden growth, Dorothy, I'm going to ram it into your squishy fucking face and I will leave it there for the neighbors to see!"
"The questions they'll ask!!"

Snitbrit01 said...

"You crazy bitch, put down the stick, the Midwich Cuckoos was a work of fiction!"
"Its too they come!!"

Anonymous said...

"Go on, have a go. It's by the same guy that invented the rubriks cube!"


Randolph said...

'So, you are playing an imaginary keyboard and your friends have no legs? And you are telling me all I need from life is contained in this umbrella? I am sorry you are still going to need a ticket.'

Bill Cunningham said...

"See! You just fit this attachment on the end here and you're ready for a weekend of fun. Batteries are included."