Tuesday, April 10, 2007


'Yes, fine - I forgot to wear pants. Happens to everyone. You can stop staring.' But they couldn’t stop. First Brian began to slide his hands into his pockets, then Dora. Things were getting uncomfortable.

Yea, I am returned. Immediately following the anniversary of Christ's resurrection, no less. Coincidence? Maybe -- I'll just say this: no-one's ever seen me and Jesus together.

At any rate, that was a pleasing holiday from the pressures of being adored online. I'm back now, having re-built my previously depleted stockpile of cartoons; enough to keep me going for, ooh, a week. Two, probably.


Rob Rodriguez said...

"Well I'm bored. Who's up for a gangbang...anyone...anyone."

Jason - GorillaSushi said...

Ralph, Joey and Skip had never seen a flasher except on the news. Madame Curie decided that it was high time they gots'd experienced.

Arna said...

Josh wears glasses and Jesus doesn't. Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

But Jesus would've done if they'd been invented.

Probably big flashing neon ones that spelled out "Jehovah".

busterp said...

"They're Easter egg stencils -won't wash off for a day or so," bragged Brian. "Since I have my pants off already, want to see the one Father O'Brien applied?"

vincenzo said...
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Andy said...

Mary stared in horror as the realization hit her. These three men were wearing SCARVES!

"I'm... I'm not getting raped today am I."

"No, ma'am."


vincenzo said...

They just knew that Biff was going to try and put his hands in his pants and he did. The uncomfortable silence that ensued as Biff was reacquainted with the fact he has no arm was broken when he let out a laugh...they they all laughed. Dora yanked Biffs pants down and they all hopped around the yard like idiots.

hillhunt said...

"Cut the crap," said DCI Tennyson:
"Handprints everywhere, and you're not wearing any trousers. Who's been playing woofter wheelbarrows?"

Anonymous said...

Paris "But Britney how are you going to flash the vadge with those shorts on?"

Britney "The polaroids are glued to my knees."

1st Fiance "This is definitely a "pencils up the nose and pants on the head" moment"

Cptnspldng said...

Brian slid his hands first into his pants, then into Dora...

"Guys, a little help here."

Dan said...

"Yes, she's lovely, Beaurigard, but I'm afraid that even with the ascot, I still can't get an erection."

Anonymous said...

I think noone sees you and Jesus together for another reason..... I'm trying to say that you're a heathen.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

Dude, your scarf is fucking rad.

Thanks, dude. Your scarf's pretty fucking rad, too.

Yeah, dudes, both of your scarves are fucking choice.

Dude, your scarf's pretty bitching, too.

Totally, dude.

Thanks, dude. I just wish my scarf was as fucking sweet as... Oh, here comes Beverly.

Hey, guys! Cool scarves!

Shut up, bitch!

(Beverly starts sobbing and runs away.)

Dude, I'm telling you, that scarf is fucking gorgeous...