Monday, October 30, 2006

Blast from the Past

'Damn body snatchers -- can't a girl even finish her mural without you bastards making that racket at me?'


Gandi said...

Georgina obviously hadn't paid attention to Timmy's mother when she told him the consequences of pointing!

"Ha that'll teach the snooty cow" thought Josie, see how she likes getting cancer!

Hmmm said...

"You've always been a stuck up bitch, haven't you? When John Thomas knocks you up, why can't you use the coat hangers like the rest of us."

Anonymous said...

"Kitsch Kat" ........... "Muff Muncher"

jacobmarley said...

"Hey you girl! Is this Midwich?"

"No that's the next village. This is Stepford"

Andy said...

"Oi! Yer baby's ridin' a bit low!"

Jericho Carlos said...

No no no! Don't you remember how I told you to do it? If you don't listen to me you'll never learn how to pull tricks right!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Doreen Grey

Anonymous said...


paul shearon said...





"Bucket flaps!"

"Arse wipe!"

"Cock gobbler!"

"Fanny bandit!"

"Fat cow!"

"skinny streak of shit!"

"lord of the pies!"

"cocking twat flap licking mother fucking cum rag son of a bitch cunt bollock eating fudge packer!!!!"


"same time next week mildred"

"righty ho!"

"What did u just say?"

paul shearon said...

bugger sorry posted too many times!

Josh said...

...and the duplicate comments are gone. AS IF BY MAGIC.