Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Obvious Week: It Cannot be Stopped

'This is a gerbil. I put it in my buttocks. For the sex.'


HORansome said...

Uncle Monties living turd was the talk of the town.

Anonymous said...

"Pop it?"
"Pop it!"
"Pop it?"
"Yes! Pop it! Pop it!"

Anonymous said...

"I love this gerbil more than all you little shits." Grandpa Morgan mumbled.

Steve Dix said...

"What a dear little guinea pig!" exclaimed Sarah, "How squeaky he is!"

"Silence, my pet" thought Uncle Monty, "Soon you will feast upon this unsuspecting Earth-creatures brain.....soon."

Steve Dix said...

The children shrieked with joy as their pet defecated in their unsuspecting Uncle's hand.

Anonymous said...

"This is a gerbil.
I put it in my buttocks.
For the sex."

"Oooh can we have a go Grandpapa, can we!"

hillhunt said...

"Liddle ones, please led me indroduce """Insane Lee Rad"""."

"His dance moves are rubbish, Grandad."

"And when are the Manchurians going to turn up? We've waited months."


busterp said...

I'll was going to let it pass but I couldn't.

I would have commented on Uncle Montie but he shares an eerie resemblance with a dear / deer friend of mine. God bless him. At least I can sleep now.

red said...

"Oh sure he is purring now, But I can make the little rat scream by burying my finger right here”

“See its like a thousand angles crying!”